He is risen!

He Is Risen-Easter (title)

I pray you enjoyed your celebration! :D

Good Friday



Thank you, Jesus! It is by those stripes You healed me!


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Many of us have them…

They can be hard to recognize, but they are there and we need to let them go.

An idol is anything that comes before Christ. Anything that takes your focus off Him and onto that thing. It’s anything that consumes your mind. It’s anything that is lifted above Christ.

Some examples…

  • Food
  • Clothes/fashion
  • Romance
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Appearances (house, car, yard)
  • Eating habits
  • TV
  • Computer time
  • Video games
  • The need to be perfect
  • A blessing or miracle you rec’d
  • Characters in a book, tv show, or movie
  • Exercise
  • Work
  • Hobbies

These are just some examples…there are many more. Maybe your heart was pricked with one that is not listed…

For me, my healing was headed in that direction. It started to become an idol. That actually caught me off guard. I realized it when I spent my mornings watching youtube videos of other people’s healing testimonies and watching pastor’s perform healing services and whatnot. I was fascinated by the healing and wanted to see others experiences…

That lead me to see that not all healing services were of God. He tells us to test the spirits for a reason. I came across some bizarre stuff and was shocked that men of God would deceive people. I became so engrossed in all that, that it became an idol for me.  God opened my eyes (thank you!) and I saw that I need to stay focused on Jesus and not the healing. My focus was on my healing, rebuking old symptoms, wondering if I should lay hands on people for healing, wondering if I should look into volunteering at one of our healing rooms in town, etc and not on the One who did the healing! Satan is soooo very crafty!

But, he didn’t get the victory! I am so glad that I was not healed at a large gathering or healing service. I would have really questioned by whose power that was! BUT, by God’s grace I was healed in my living room alone on night in February. No hoopla, no manipulation, just the Spirit of God. My focus has been put back on Christ and not the healing. I am just honoring Him by moving forward with my healed body and living the life He called me to. If I feel like the Holy Spirit is prompting me to lay hands on and pray for someone, I will. If someone asks me to pray with them. I will. It’s not about me, It’s about Jesus, His power, His sacrifice, and His love for His creation. I trust Him.

If you are struggling with idols, I encourage you to let them go! He will give you the wisdom and strength to cast them down. Nothing deserves to be put ahead of Christ, even if it came directly from Him. He alone deserves to be exalted and first.  <3


Modest Monday


Good rainy Monday to ya! :) It’s drizzly here today with snow tonight! When will Spring really get here? :)

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Are your prayers motivated by fear or love?


Having recently been healed by God in February, there has been a lot of things I have been thinking about. I don’t know if they are related or not, but I am learning so much!!

Since being healed, I have a deep desire to see others healed. I realize that God does not want us sick, but well. I also realize that He can use us while we are still sick. But, ultimately He wants us whole.

One thing I have found is that a lot of people pray out of fear or ask for prayer out of fear. I did. Fear is usually the motivator…

Think about it. You get a bad doctor’s report. You’re afraid of the outcome and so you ask for prayers. You are having financial trouble and are afraid what the future holds money wise. So you pray.  You fret and worry over decisions your teenager is making. So you pray and ask for prayers. You are worried you will never get a good job, so you pray, etc.

I, myself, prayed this way. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that it wrong. We are not to live in fear. God tells us to ¨Fear not¨ He tells us that He did not give us a spirit of fear. He tells us to not be anxious for anything…Not even in our prayers.

So, how do we get past this thinking?  First, we need to realize that Jesus, the gospel, and His kingdom does not change. He remains the same despite the devastating phone call we receive, despite the bad news from the doctor, despite all of our circumstances that arise. We should have no fear because we have already won. It doesn’t matter what happens here on earth, we are more than conquerors.  God is still on the throne, He is still in control, He is still advancing the kingdom, and He is still desiring us to be complete in Him. Nothing that happens here on earth will ever change that. You can stand in faith in that!

Next, we need to approach prayer in love. Love never fails. God is love. When we pray, it should be love that motivates us and not fear.  When we get bad news, we need to bypass the fear of it and directly tap into the love we have for the person who received the bad news. Our heart should be broken with love for the situation and pray from that motive rather than being in fear of what may happen so then pray.  Does this make sense? Never stand in fear. Never. Fear is from the enemy. Love should trump fear EVERY time! Our love for people and wanting to see them whole and complete in Christ should be why we pray for any situation. Have faith and confidence in what God has ALREADY done. Do not fear the unknown, but be courageous in what you already know. God does not change, you have power and authority over evil and sickness, the war has already been won no matter what, God is for you, and He will deliver you. Period. No fear. No doubt. Stand in faith and love and let that motivate your prayers. :)

I hope this all made sense. Sometimes, what’s in my heart is difficult to translate to paper…Blessings to you all!

What does your husband really need?

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As wives, we want to know what our husband needs. It’s in our nature. We want to help. After all, we are their helpmeet.

The needs of a husband can vary from husband to husband. Not all husband’s have the exact same needs. But, there are some general needs that are similar in all husbands. The key is to find out what your husband really needs…

For me, I was surprised to find out what my husband really needs.  I thought he needed a clean and organized house, a tasty supper, some yummy treats, clean clothes, and some good ole fashioned intimacy. And, although those are some needs that need to be met for sure, they were not what he really needs…

What he really needs is to feel special. He needs good one on one attention. He needs words of encouragement and affirmation. He needs to know I trust him. He needs my touch (not always sexual). He needs to know he is important. He needs me to yield to him. He needs peace and quiet at times. He needs to me to let him think for himself. And he simply needs me to love on him…He could care less about the house or how good the supper tastes. Those are things that I thought were important to him and actually aren’t. I was wasting time trying to perfect those things when all along he was needing me to meet other needs.

If you don’t know what your husband really needs, I suggest you sit down to a good old fashioned heart to heart and find out. Let him be honest with you without any sighs or gasps and just listen. :) You may be surprised as to what you find out.

Modest Monday


Good Monday morning to ya! I hope you all had a great weekend! I am ready for some warm weather soon. Our weekend was pretty mild and a taste of what is to come :)

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A peek inside how I make soap…

I wanted to show you a bit of how I make my old fashioned cold process soap. This is a Double Chocolate Bliss Soap I used to make.  Follow me as I show you some of the steps in how to make soap. :)

First, you need to get all your supplies ready.  Make sure you have your mould ready to go and all your oils and lye ready.  You will be pouring immediately, so you don’t want to be scrambling to find your mould.

This is the lye water.  You want to mix this very carefully.  Lye is caustic.  I add the measured water to the pot and then I add the measured lye.  You want to do all your measuring on a digital scale.  It must be precise.  When adding lye, always add the lye to the water and not the water to the lye.  Remember “snow on the lake”  If you add it backwards you will have a lye volcano…No heat is put on this pot.  The lye creates it’s own heat when it reacts with the water. :)

Next, while the lye is doing it’s thing, you will want to melt the oils you choose for your soap.  I don’t use lard and instead use a blend vegetable shortening, coconut oil, and olive oil. I keep it simple. :)  I choose to have an all vegan soap.

When they are melted down, it will look like this.  You will want both the lye and the oils to be around 95 degrees.  I don’t use a thermometer.  I do it by touch. (no I don’t touch the lye)  I start my lye water and leave for 5 min.  I come back and start to measure my oils and melt them.  After they are melted, if I can stick my pinky finger in the oils without pulling it back out from too much heat, it is ready.

I then add the oils to the lye water like this.  Do this very slowly.  You don’t want any splashes.  Lye is very caustic.

After stirring in the oils with a spoon, I then use a stick blender (mine is a kitchen aid) to mix the oils and lye together to get to trace.  You can see it is changing color….this is normal.

Here it is changing to a lighter color and getting thicker.

You can’t see it too good here, but it is coming to a light trace.  Trace is where you take the soap mixture and drizzle some on top and if it leaves a mark or “trace” it is getting close to moulding.  For this chocolate batch, I removed some at light trace to mix in the white chocolate and the other half was mixed with dark chocolate and organic chocolate oil.

Here is the white chocolate half and you can see more of the trace on the surface of this.

Here is the chocolate half and you can see how thick it is.  You want it to be the thickness of pudding.  Here I added the white chocolate to swirl in the pot.  (no pic)

Here is the soap mouled.  You can see some of the swirls that were made…

After you mould the soap, it needs to be insulated so it will gel.  Gelling helps saponify the soap, which is the lye eats all the wonderful oils and become neutralized.  In the end, there is no lye in the soap.  I insulated this chocolate soap because there wasn’t much sugar in it due to the dark chocolate being a bitter chocolate.  If your soap has a lot of sugar in it from say honey, you won’t want to insulate it as it will heat up enough on it’s own.  If you insulated a sugary soap, you run the risk of it overheating and not coming out like you want.

I hope this little tutorial helps you understand a bit more of what I do when I make soap. :)  It is so fun for me to do. :)

Homemade cinnamon raisin bread


This is so good! I almost forgot to get a picture before we ate it all up! hahaha

I made this to make cinnamon raisin french toast for supper the other night. It was delicious! You can find the recipe here. It is a quick recipe, too :)

Baptism of the Holy Spirit


Have you been baptized with the Holy Spirit? Not everyone who accepts Christ and is water baptized has been baptized with the Holy Spirit. They have the Holy Spirit at salvation, but have not been baptized in Him.

This is something that I did not know until recently. I have been saved and was water baptized in 1999. No one ever talked about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Last month when I was seeking the Lord about healing, I came across a sermon on the receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit on Youtube by Derek Prince.  It was eye opening to say the least!

As I watched and finished the video I realized that I had never received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And boy was I missing out! I was in shock that I was a believer but that I was never baptized in the Holy Spirit. I was not the only one who thought this…Let’s look at what the bible says…

In Acts chapter 8 we see that believers in Samaria had not received the Holy Spirit. ¨Now when the apostles who were at Jerusalem heard that Samaria had received the word of God, they sent Peter and John to them, who, when they had come down, prayed for them that they might receive the Holy Spirit. For as yet He had fallen upon none of them. They had only been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. Then they laid hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit¨ Acts 8:14-17

And in Acts chapter 19 we see this…¨He said to them, Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed? So they said to him, ¨We have not so much as heard whether there is a Holy Spirit.¨ And he said to them, ¨Into what then were you baptized? So they said, Into John’s baptism.¨ Then Paul said, ¨John indeed baptized with a baptism of repentance, saying to the people that they should believe on Him who would come after him, that is, on Christ Jesus.¨…And when Paul had laid his hands on them, the Holy Spirit came upon them, and they spoke with tongues and prophesied.¨ Acts 19:2-4 and 6

And in Acts chapter 10…¨While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit fell upon all those who heard the word…For they heard them speak with tongues and magnify God. Then Peter answered, ¨Can anyone forbid water, that these should not be baptized who have received the Holy Spirit just as we have?¨ Acts 10:44 46-47 (we see here that these believers first were baptized with the Holy Spirit before they had the water baptism)

Who baptizes us in the Holy Spirit? We find out in Luke…¨John answered, saying to all, ¨I indeed baptize you with water; but One mightier than I is coming, whose sandal strap I am not worthy to loose. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.¨ Luke 3:16

When the Holy Spirit comes He either falls or comes upon. It is an immersion of the Spirit. Notice scriptures that pertain to the Holy Spirit and how He is received.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit is often accompanied by the sign of speaking in tongues. This is evident in Acts chapter 2 on the day of Pentecost and in Acts 19. But, this is only A sign, not THE sign of being baptized in the Holy Spirit. If you do not speak in tongues, it does not mean you have not been baptized in the Holy Spirit if you have asked Jesus to do so…

So after realizing that I had never received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, alone in my living room, I stood up and asked Jesus to baptize me in the Holy Spirit. I came thirsty and I drank! I had the Spirit fall on me and I immediately felt a change. I began to be so joyful! I could feel the power inside me and my chest literally hummed. I then spoke a word that came to my mind that I had never heard before…fala. It was a single word and in my nerdiness (is that a word? lol) I ran to my computer and typed it in google translate to see if it meant anything. To my surprise, it did. It means ¨to speak or utter¨ in Portuguese. That gave me goosebumps and I took that as a sign to continue to speak in tongues. I speak a language that I do not know. I have heard others say it is a heavenly prayer language.  When I speak in tongues, it does not sound like babbling or anything like that. It sounds like a language. It comes freely and blesses me. It builds my faith. I have also sang in tongues and that is such a blessing!

One other thing that happens to me know is that whenever I talk to others about my healing or the Holy Spirit, I get hot! My stomach and chest get to humming and then my face gets hot and I feel consumed with heat. I don’t know if that will happen forever, but it’s a very interesting thing :)

Whew! This was a bit longer that I had anticipated ;) This all came about at about the same time as my healing. I now feel lead to pray healing for others. God’s given us power and authority to do so in Matthew 10 :)

If this is something new to you, can I encourage you to dig into the scriptures?! The bible says that ¨My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge¨ Hosea 4:6  If we don’t know the Word, how can we apply it and stand on it? We can’t.


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